We offer customized training programs for schools and child care centres. Our practical, highly informative sessions provides the hands-on training needed to enable every child in your program to learn and thrive.


The Importance of Inclusion

This session covers strategies for meaningfully including children (from infants to elementary-age students) with special needs into your programming.

Behaviour Modification

You will learn how to address specific negative behaviours as they occur, and gain insights into reducing these behaviours.


PECS & The Importance of Visuals in the Classroom

This popular workshop covers the use of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), which is a functional communication system for people without verbal skills. It also looks at the importance of using visuals in the classroom for all children and how you can make your program run more effective.

CPI – Crisis Prevention Intervention Coming Soon!

For parents and caregivers as well as certifying/re certifying professionals.

Any topic, any time

Stepping Stones workshops are customized to the specific needs of your program. Workshops can include any or all of the above topics. We are willing to include any topic to assist in your day-to-day interactions with both children and parents, make learning and communication a positive experience for everyone involved.




Community Outreach Flyer – August 2012 (PDF File)


Community Outreach Program Pay-As-You-Go & Value Packages – August 2012(PDF File)

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