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Stepping Stones – Family Support Worker


Building Skills. Building Trust. Building Families.


Stepping Stones offers support and services for children and families with special needs, schools, child cares & recreational programs across the Greater Toronto Area.

Our in–home services include a combination of skills development – play, social, speech and language, gross and fine motor, pre–academic and academic and behaviour intervention, tutoring, advocacy and case coordination.

Stepping Stones sessions are designed to be a good experience for both child and parents. Patient, personable, dedicated professionals make the process friendly and fun. Children enjoy learning and interacting in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, learning new skills and behaviours, making  day–to–day living easier for them and their family.

Our community outreach programs provide schools, child care centres and recreational programs with support, consultation and customized workshops to support children with special needs in their programs.


We help children and families thrive.